At the UACCNJ we do not have the resources and expertise on our own to adequately provide our Ukrainian refugees with the assistance they need.  For that reason, we are partnering with Welcome.Us. Welcome.Us has the resources and expertise and are currently building out their organization to be able to help Ukrainians by pairing sponsors with refugees, providing critical information about medical care, providing them with the necessities of life in the US and even creating a place for employers to post open positions and for Ukrainians to look for them and post their resumes. To follow is the link to their evolving website.

There is a lot of information here for both those individuals looking to register to help refugees with material donations, financial support or housing and for refugees looking for help.  Please reference the site regularly as the content is constantly evolving.

In addition, if you are seeking legal advice, Fragomen’s offices in the US are offering pro bono legal help to the Ukrainian community currently present in the US. As you may have heard, a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is available to Ukrainians and there will be future forms of immigration relief also available. Lawyers from Fragomen are volunteering for the Lawyer for Good Government organization on the TPS project. Please contact Joanna Kuzdra at Fragomen should you need assistance.