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As you’ve seen, our Ukrainian community has been invited to march in two Memorial Day parades – Morris Plains (Saturday, May 28th) and Hanover Township (Monday, May 30th). These are two high-profile parades, from two very supportive townships, who in addition to inviting us to march have also invited otec Bilyk to lead the participants in prayer. It is important to not let attention on Ukraine and the war diminish. Marching in front of thousands will reinforce the need for the continued support of Ukraine and our humanitarian efforts, as well as will allow us to show our thanks to these communities who have already donated so much. Below are the two separate sign-up geniuses for the two parades – [...]

MorristownForUkraine MorristownForUkraine


June 2 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Hoverlia Social Club

The Hoverlia Social Club provides an opportunity for members and guests to gather in a comfortable, private setting within a very active community center.

Membership is open to individuals and families who are members in good standing of one of the organizations that make up the UACCNJ Board. Individual membership is also available, however, we encourage people to affiliate themselves through our member organizations who are committed to the ongoing support of the Center and the development of the Ukrainian-American community in Morris County and surrounding areas.

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