QR Aid for Ukraine QR Aid for Ukraine
We are very grateful for the remarkable show of support to-date in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. At the Ukrainian Cultural Center of NJ in Whippany, we have been overwhelmed with everyone’s incredible generosity. Our recent donation drive more than exceeded our expectations.

At this time, we will ONLY be accepting aid deemed to be most critical: military and medical items. We have created an Amazon wish list, which contains these high-priority items that Ukraine needs at this time. When ordering items on Amazon, please use the UACCNJ address as the destination.

UACCNJ address:
60 North Jefferson Road
Whippany, NJ 07981

In addition, financial aid to help cover air freight transportation costs and the purchase of on-the-ground goods in Europe is greatly needed. While there are various organizations to which you may choose to donate, the UACCNJ has established a fund for collecting such donations. Please note, donations given thru this channel are tax deductible.

Donate $ to Aid Ukraine

Please address any additional questions to: ukrainecrisisuaccnj@gmail.com.

Please continue to leverage the Contact tab on this website for any general questions for the center staff.

UPA 80th Concert scaled UPA 80th Concert scaled

ПРОПАМ’ЯТНИЙ КОНЦЕРТ «ВІД УПА ДО ЗСУ» Субота, 15-го жовтня 2022; год. 4:00 пп. Ukrainian-American Cultural Center 60 North Jefferson Road, Whippany, NJ Вступ: $35. Діти до 12 років безкоштовно.  

Fall Zabava 2022 Fall Zabava 2022

Fall Zabava

October 22 @ 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Join us for a fall zabava at the UACCNJ! Music by Cheremosh and entertainment by celebrity, Victor Hevko Adults- $100 Youth (6-17)- $50 All proceeds from the event will go directly to support brave soldiers of [...]


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Gifts for Ukraine –онлайн сервіс компанії Meest, який пропонує обрати та придбати товари на будь-яке свято, чи зробити символічний презент друзям та рідним, які живуть в Україні

Сервіс, що допомагає передати радість і щастя у кожен будинок ваших близьких в Україні, сказати, як любите та, як сумуєте, що тисячі кілометрів не стануть на заваді, і ваша турбота буде у кожному серці ваших найрідніших людей.

Замовлення та асортимент
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Gifts for Ukraine
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Gifts for Ukraine
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Gifts for Ukraine
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Gifts for Ukraine

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