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World renowned photojournalists John Stanmeyer, Julia Kochetova, Alex Lourie, David Butow and Ron Haviv will take us on their personal journey into the war zone of Ukraine.

These five highly acclaimed photojournalists have courageously been documenting war and human suffering in Ukraine and represent the heroic work of all documentarians.

They, like numerous colleagues and citizens are risking their lives every day and sadly many have paid the ultimate price. Their dignified and passionate courage has supplied the world with gut wrenching evidence of the war crimes perpetrated by Putin.

Each presentation promises to be painful, enlightening and a testament to the powerful unyielding Ukrainian spirit.

Schedule of Presentations

Friday 29th of April – Stanmeyer
Monday 2nd of May – Kochetova
Tuesday 3rd of May – Lourie
Wednesday 4th of May – Butow
Thursday 5th of May – Open
Friday 6th of May – Haviv

Presentations start at 7:00pm via zoom: https://zoom.us/j/6692503751


We’re dedicating these solo presentations to the hero Photojournalists and Ukrainians citizens we’ve lost. We ask everyone to support this struggle in whatever way they feel comfortable.

All presentations will be recorded and can be seen.

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Note: Photographers that want to present can reach-out to me at: frank@thephotocloser.com

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